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Various Varieties of Board Shorts


Board shorts are the most demanded swimwear and one must understand it to the deepest so that they know which board shorts to purchase. Board shorts do differ on various parameters and different sports activities require different board shorts. One has to understand his requirements from the board shorts and then understand its varieties so that he can get the best pair as per his needs.

Performance Board Shorts: These are specially designed for professionals and they are made up of quick drying material such as polyester. These board shorts do serve the best on the beach to the surfer and they have the minimum pockets in them.

Hybrid Board Shorts: These are generally made up of cotton or mixed fabric and these do serves best for casual walk on beach. They do come in various shades and bright colors are generally preferred in this range. Men’s orange board shorts are highly preferred in this range.

Signature Series: These are the style designed for individual athlete. The design and fabric of these board shorts are specially designed by athlete to represent their personality through board shorts.

Volleys: They have elastic waist band and they are comparatively shorter in length and they serve the best on the beach and casual pool days. They are made up of standard polyester fabric. They do not require much stretchy material as they are for casual purpose and they do look much trendy.