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Top Branded Swiss Watches on Watches World

With time new and exclusive Branded Swiss watches are coming and taking over the market with their unique qualities that make them matchless in their own style, each has their own history that makes them so popular and loved by everyone. In this article, we will discuss about the top branded Swiss watches that you can buy from the watch world and try to find some amazing facts of these watches from their history. Swiss watches made such a great reputation that made them so trustworthy and they become the first choice of everyone.

Top branded Swiss watches:

History of watches:

  • Rolex:

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Rolex is world-famous for its performance and reliability. Rolex founded by Hans wilder and Alfred Davis in 1905 in London (England). It is the most expensive brand in the world and has achieved international fame for their productions which include pink gold, yellow gold, and platinum editions. The journey of this super watch has been by Hans wilder at the age of 24 in London. In 1915 this company gets to register as the Rolex watch company ltd. In 1919 they moved to Geneva and with that Rolex watch become the first watch to get the Swiss certificate of chronometric precision, from the official watch rating Centre in Bienne. In 1914 Kew Observatory in Great Britain awarded a Rolex wristwatch a class “a” precision certificate; in 1926 they created the first waterproof Rolex watch case. As we see these luxuries watch made it clear from the beginning that they are going to be world famous.


•       Audemars Piguet:

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The company was found in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Augusta Piguet in the Vallee de Joux and its main headquarter is in Switzerland. This company works with 1450 employees. They started this company as partners in 1875. One focuses on the sales and there on production with such a good team spirit know they have a huge collection of luxuries watches. Audemars Piguet is the oldest manufacturer of this watches luxuries watches and still, it’s ruined by its founding family.


•       Patek Philippe:

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Patek Philippe has started on 1 may 1839 by Patek, czapek & cie in 1839 they started with pocket watches in Geneva. In 1844, they got separated and in 1851 they joined with French watchmaker Adrian and are located in Geneva in Vallee de Joux. Three years ago they celebrated their 175 anniversary. They manufacture the best quality of watches.

Really the history of these watches shows why they are so popular and first chose of the people. In this article, we find so many facts about Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex. In the next article, we will discuss about more banded watches and their history that will help us to gather more information about them before buying them.