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The Various Types Of Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to cleaning the carpets in your home, it's likely you've stumbled across dry carpet cleaning. This is becoming the new preferred method over traditional steam carpet cleaning as it doesn't require the carpet stay wet for hours after the service is complete. In fact, with dry carpet cleaning State college, your floors can be walked on almost immediately. There's no need to plan to wait hours to move your furniture back in your room. Let's look at three of the most popular methods of dry carpet cleaning.

Foaming  – This method works by spraying a foam cleanser across your carpets. You'll let the foam sit on the carpets for about 30 minutes and then vacuum it up. The foam works to release the dirt from the carpet fibers.

Cotton Bonnet – This method is somewhat similar to the foam method. However, you will utilize a machine that has several pads on the bottom of it. These pads spin and scrub the carpet. The machine essentially beats the dirt out of the carpet fibers. You simply vacuum up once you go the whole way over the carpet with the bonnet machine.

Dry Cleaning Compound – At many local grocery stores you can gain access to a dry cleaning compound. This product looks kind of like wet sawdust and has a lemon scent to it. You want to brush the product on your carpet. It will work to remove the dirt and then you simply vacuum it away.