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Off-road Caravan Adventure in Australia

Tired of busy, overcrowded caravan and camping site in Aus? Want to find a more adventurous route. Here are 3 ideas to get you started.

1. The Savannah Way, QLD NT & WA

The Savannah Way is classified in three states, has an abundance of national parks along 3700km's.  If you are fed up with the Southern winter and feel like some adventure, then get out to The Savannah Way, there are many towns along the way to re-stock up on supplies and such.

You can encounter some gems along the way such as:

Innot Hot Springs

Katherine Gorge

Lawn Hill National Park's gorges

The Boab Prison tree, and many more attractions up there.

It's also reception friendly with plenty of terrestrial towers pumping out a signal for all your electrical appliances and Caravan antenna to work just fine, and good radio transmission is also prominent. 

2. Red Centre Way, NT

The Red Centre and Alice Springs a match made in heaven, there are many ways in an out from Central Australia some terrain a little rough, others straightforward.  However, you find your way there it's worth the travel. Its attractions are jaw-dropping and ideal for any adventure traveller.

Ulura and Kata Tjuata, are among the gems of this journey, and the sandstone cliffs of Kings Canyon are a photographers dream.  

Be sure to enhance tour internet reception here with a Wi-Fi booster if you don't want to switch off completely. 

3. The Oodnadatta Track, SA

This is a not to be rushed trip, both scenic but also mechanical reasons. One of the more well-maintained tracks is the Oodnadatta, a gravel drive on some of the most notorious outback in the country. The Old Ghan Line one of the original Aboriginal trading routes give you a feel of modern age meet ancient history in as you slide on through.  

Along the way, you'll see many relics of the past, and enjoy stop-overs and the Pink Roadhouse, Coward Springs and William Creek all highlights of the journey and right reception areas to catch up on your connectivity.

The off-the-beaten-track doesn't need to be any more in Aus, and it certainly beats those over-crowded caravan parks.