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Positive Change In Work Culture Impacts Everyone Positively


Companies do invest huge amount for welfare of employees as they know that happy employee results in productivity of company. Company do take lots of initiative to keep the office premises healthy and vibrant. Attractive and interesting office premises do result in keeping the employees motivated and lively. Placing the plants in office premises is one such initiative taken by majority of managementworldwide.

Close To Nature: Recently it has proved that the more we are close to the nature more it impacts our mood positively. Placing the plants in office keeps the employee closer to nature and this give positive impact on the mood of the employee. Employees love to keep the plants near their desk as they feel happier with presence of plant and this impact positively on their productivity. Presence of plant gives the feeling of completeness to the employee.

Increases CompassionAnd Concern: Because of presence of plants, employees do feel attached to them and this makes them feel more companionate towards plants. In case any plant is dying then they themselves calls to plant company and do ask to visit the office for dying plant. The increase of compassion in employee gives positive impact on their behavior with other employees. Company do feel positive impact on work culture because of presence of plant. Indoor plants hire by top management to keep the environment of office productive, lively and happy. Employee do feel attached to the office as well because of presence of plants.