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Physical Therapy Treatment for Back Pain

Pain affecting the lower portion of the spine characterizes the frequent condition simply known as lower back pain. Normally, lower back pain goes away after a couple of days or months.

You've got severe low back pain when you've been suffering from pain for less than fourteen. But if the pain persists for at least twelve weeks afterward you've got a chronic condition. To get the best physical therapy treatment you may lead to

Low back pain may happen suddenly or slowly. Though the lower spine is the principal body area affected, the pain can enter different areas of the body like the buttocks down into the feet and legs.

Strain into the muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons are the primary reasons for lower back pain. But what causes that the strain differs from 1 individual to another so that it best to get help from your health care provider.

For acute low back pain, its imperative not to overexert yourself stay completely inactive. You will feel like staying in bed will eliminate the pain but actually physicians do not recommend extended periods of bed rest in this circumstance.

It's ideal to continue with your regular activities but in a slow pace. Some exercises might not be useful whatsoever in the start of pain. But after a few weeks you might perform some aerobic exercises. Avoid placing pressure in your lower back once you exercise.

If the pain persists for three weeks, then it's ideal to seek out professional physical therapy treatment for chronic low back pain.