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Laser Hair Removal in clinic

Laser hair removal may be costly, but an effective noninvasive method to eliminate unwanted hair. As lots of folks are sick of shaving, waxing and trimming.

With the support of the Laser Hair Removal or Hair Reduction therapy, you can easily eliminate the hairs on your legs, armpits, upper lip, chin and bikini line. This is one such process which could be efficiently used for the treatment of unwanted hair development in any area. 1 big factor that affects the success of this sort of treatment is the colour of the hair and the sort of skin. 

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Those individuals with light skin colour and darker hair are found to be gained greatly from this therapy. This is because laser beam are efficiently utilized to work targeting the saliva on the skin.

What's laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a non surgical procedure which uses the highly intense light to penetrate through the hair follicles.

"The laser light is aimed in the hair follicle and it has absorbed by the colour in the itself, which rests in the hair follicle," stated Dr. Ayesha a board certified specialist in Midwest Anti Aging and Spa." Since the laser beam is absorbed it creates heat in the hair follicle, and ruin the hair growth stage in the follicle, when the hair growth point is ruined no new hair could be increased"

Dr. Ayesha Akbar explains the hair undergoes a relaxing and expansion cycle. That's why a series of follow up treatments are recommended every 4 to 6 months