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Follow The Footsteps Of Nyauw Gunarto

Many people fail in their lives because they aren’t able to determine as to which particular thing they are good at. They try a host of things, thinking if one won’t work, then the other will. In the end, both things fail to work, and people end up losing money as well as heart to try something else. I believe that whoever said this saying, i.e., ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ has experienced failures in his/her life, otherwise he/she couldn’t never thought of such a profound thought. We are human beings, and we learn from our mistakes and failures.

                                                 nyauw gunarto

Thomas Edison, the man responsible for igniting our lives with an electric bulb failed multiple times while experimenting on this amazing creation. He never said that he failed 100 times, instead he said, he found 100 ways of how not to make an electric bulb. Therefore, it is important for people to identify what they are good at, and once they have determined their skills, they should work on improving those skills instead of trying those things in which others have succeeded. Take Nyauw Gunarto for example, he is a famous painter, but the city he comes from, everybody is into the rubber business. Had he opted for the same business, then he would have landed nowhere. Now, he is a successful painter and the entire world acknowledges and applauds his amazing work.

                                                     nyauw gunarto semarang

Nyauw Gunarto Semarang comes from a very humble background where he didn’t have much resources to begin his painting career. But, he overcome all the shortcomings, and continued to improve his painting skills. By the age of 16, he was making splendid paintings, which you can find in several art galleries in the Island nation of Indonesia. Then, he chose a specific niche to paint on, i.e., nature, and he garnered a lot of respect and appreciation for his outstanding work. You can check out his paintings on nature in many top galleries around the world.