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Evolution and Techniques of street painting

Street paintings are also known as pavement art or sidewalk art. It evolved by creating artistic designs on sidewalks, pavements, streets and town squares. This art is created by permanent or impermanent materials such as chalks or paints.

Origin of street art paintings

The modern street art painting began from Britain. Artists who painted on pavements were found all over the country. By the year 1890 more than 500 artists were earning their living from pavement street art paintings.

The British called a street art painter a ‘screever.’ They appeal to the different types of people such as the working class who cannot read or write and even the educated ones who would appreciate the comments and lessons.


Street Painting Festival

In the United States, they are called the street painters. Many of them started painting in the festive time. During the festivals, they could attract many observers and would receive money in the form of appreciation. Earlier they used materials such as coal, chalks, and tiles to create paintings. Gradually street painting festival started being held. Artist from around the world participated in the competition.

Street Painting Technique

Street painting is a huge artistic investment for improving the environment, although the city heads do not get much welcome. This creative work involves different painting techniques discussed below:

  • Spray painting allows quick completion of work. Moreover, it covers a larger area and can be easy to work.
  • Liquid paints help to create a better impression and give a great mix.
  • 3D street art creates 3D images on walls and streets offering afantastic look and attracts many observers.