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Different Types of Flute

Flute is one of the oldest musical instruments. Its history dates back to around 43,000 year ago. It is one of the woodwind musical instruments. Most woodwind instruments consist of reeds but flute is known as a reed less wind instrument. For playing flute you need use your fingers for opening and closing the keys. There are different types of flutes, the most commonly used being:


1. Standard Flute

This type of flute can easily be used for all abilities and levels, due to which they are considered best for beginners and learners. You can easily get these flutes at an economical rate. These flutes are usually 2 feet in length and are made from gold, platinum or silver.

2. Piccolo Flute

The word “piccolo” in Italian language means “small”. As compared to other types of flutes it is shorter in length. This type of flute is usually used for playing high notes. When playing high notes, you should be very careful about positioning your fingers.

3. Plastic Flute

Plastic flutes are considered best for younger kids, as they are easy to associate with music and flutes. They can be used for all levels but are commonly used by beginners. This is because it creates a good sound even if the user is playing it for the first time. This flute comes with changeable parts so it can easily be used for advanced levels. It is lighter in weight, easy to maintain and durable.

Flutes are made from different materials like wood, steel, platinum, plastic and so on. You can easily select according to your level and genre of music. For French flute music you may need certain specification that not available in regular flutes.