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Custom Lanyard Printing Methods

Price of a lanyard does not depend on the kind of material that you are using but also the kind of printing, attachments and writing style you are using. Moreover, the method you are using to get the logo or tag line printed on a lanyard play an essential role on its durability and appearance.

Following are the top 3 methods that are frequently used for printing on promotional or conference lanyards:

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1. Hot Stamping

One of the most commonly used method for printing a logo or taglines on lanyards is hot stamping. This method is considered perfect for lanyards that are made from polyester or plastic. Moreover this type of printing is relatively economical as compared to others. This is the main reason most companies prefer using it on their giveaway lanyards, especially on events like conferences and trade shows.

2. Silkscreen Printing

Silk printing is another common method that is used for printing taglines and logos on lanyards. Although this printing method is not very economical but it provides with very good quality images and fonts. The main advantage of using it is that it lasts longer than hot stamping. Companies that want to create an exceptional impression on their clients and consumers usually use this printing method.

3. Dye Sublimation

This type of printing method is considered to have the best results and it lasts longer than any other type of printing. Logos and taglines do not fade away easily and its quality is not affected even after years.You can easily use multiple colours on one lanyard. This way you can make your lanyards more attractive and good in quality.

Apart from the printing methods, make sure that you use the colours that represents your organization or company.