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Water Vacuum Cleaner – Usage Tips and Recommended Models

If you have ever used a steam machine to clean your carpets and upholstery, you may find that the experience of using a water vacuum cleaner is similar. Generally, there are both clean and dirty water containers, and you will go over one area of the floor to dampen the floor, and then you will go over that same area on the floor at least one or two more times to suck up the water. The water will be combined with all of the dust, dirt, and allergens on your floor, and as the water comes up, so will the nasty grime that is on your floor. This same concept is used when using the attachments to clean stairs and upholstery, too.

With each use of your water vacuum cleaner, you will want to thoroughly rinse out both canisters as well as the washable filters and attachments, too. These should be allowed to air dry thoroughly, and some filters may take a day or two to completely dry out.

In addition to this regular maintenance, you may need to replace parts like filters, belts and more. These parts are often found online at an affordable price, and most users find they are easily replaced with just a few minutes of time. There may be other maintenance issues that arise from time to time that require more experience and expertise than you have, and when this happens, you will find that taking your machine into an authorized repair shop is your best bet. If your machine is still under warranty when these more significant repairs are needed, you will want to take your machine to an authorized professional who can provide the warranty work you need.


Top Water Vacuum Cleaner Models

When it comes to finding the right water vacuum cleaner for your needs, the task can seem daunting. There are several options to choose from, and it can be difficult to know which is best for you without trying them out. However, the models available have all been tested by other consumers’ purchases, and some have risen to the top as the best choices on the market. Here are some top choices to consider for your purchase:

  • H20 Vac Turbo Water Filtration System Cleaner. This canister-style water vacuum cleaner boasts a lightweight, bagless cleaning experience. Water and debris are sucked into a sealed aqua chamber using a HEPA filter that removes over 99 percent of dirt, allergens, and more from the air and floor. It features various attachments like a telescoping handle, a bristle brush, a mini-nozzle, a wet/dry squeegee, and a crevice brush. Users love the deep cleaning experience this machine provides.
  • Eureka 313A Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer. This water vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard surface floors without chemicals. The machine heats water close to the boiling point and uses hot steaming action to sanitized your floor. It boasts a lightweight design, two steam pads, a funnel, a measuring cup, a cleaning head, and a one-year warranty. Consumers who have purchased this machine rave about how clean it gets the floors, and they say it is far better than traditional mopping.
  • Aroma sai AVC2001 Bagless HydroPur Filtration Vacuum. This burgundy-colored water vacuum cleaner boasts a canister-style design and a high-efficiency water-based filtration system that traps over 99 percent of particles. It comes with a flexible hose, a 1200-watt motor, variable power settings, a 5-liter water tank, and 7 different attachment tools. Consumers with allergies and other respiratory issues say that this vacuum really does help their breathing issues.

When it comes to which water vacuum cleaner you choose, you have plenty of great options to choose from. With the powerful benefits they provide by giving you a deep cleaning experience without causing respiratory distress, it’s clear that you can’t go wrong with any of these wonderful choices of machines!


How To Choose A Water Vacuum Cleaner?

When you know that a water vacuum cleaner is right for you, you certainly want to make every effort to get one of these high-powered cleaning machines in your home right away. After all, why would you want to suffer through the agony of breathing issues associated with those other vacuums any longer than you have to or deal with the fact that your house just isn’t getting as clean as it otherwise would when you clean with these machines?

When you are ready to buy yours, you will find that there are a few different models to choose from. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for you, but considering these factors can help you to make the decision-making process a bit faster and easier for you:

  • Do you prefer an upright or canister model?
  • Do you need an extra-long power cord or an extra-long cleaning wand?
  • Which cleaning attachments do you need?
  • Do you need a machine that can handle multiple floor surfaces or just one specific type of floor surface?

When you take these factors into account in your decision-making process, finding the right water vacuum cleaner for your needs truly is faster and easier than it otherwise would be. These factors can help you to refine a much shorter list of options to choose from, but your decision-making process isn’t quite over yet!

With your shorter list of choices in hand, you will then want to take a look at warranty information for each machine you are considering. Most of these machines are built with long-term use and durability in mind, but it is to your benefit to choose a machine that is built by a manufacturer who will stand behind their product with a longer warranty. If your water vacuum cleaner does break down, you will be happy you have that warranty in hand!

From there, you will want to take a look at price. You may find that shopping during holiday periods or buying a slightly older model on clearance are great ways to save money on your water vacuum cleaner purchase. You can quickly and easily do a price comparison when you shop online. You should be aware that various online retailers may charge different prices for the same model, so it is absolutely in your best interest to shop around and get the best deal. While you are shopping around at various online retail websites, pay attention to what each website charges for shipping fees. This will affect your grand total once you go through the online purchase process, and you don’t want to spend more for shipping than you have to.

Different Options to Consider

When it comes to figuring out which of the water vacuum cleaner options is best suited for you, you will want to consider the two main style categories – upright and canister options. Many people find that an upright model is an ideal choice, as it negates the need to pull around a clunky canister behind them as they clean.

However, you may want to give the canister options a look as well. Many canister options feature a long hose for easier cleaning. Given the fact that you will be swiping the machine at least two to three times over the same spot on the floor and given the fact that the upright canister often involves pushing both the heavy clean and dirty water canisters, a canister model may actually provide an easier cleaning experience after all. However, the length of the hose on the canister model will definitely play a factor in how easy to use your machine will be.


Water Vacuum Cleaners


Water Vacuum CleanerSo many people just hate to clean the floors in their house and to use a traditional vacuum to clean upholstery, stairs, and other areas of their home. While these tasks sure can be chores, for some people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions, these tasks inevitably result in hours and sometimes even days of suffering.

This is because while traditional machines do suck in a great deal of dust and debris, they also have what is called “blow back,” which is the term used for the dust and debris you see swirling in the air when you vacuum. With a water vacuum cleaner, however, this “blow back” phenomenon just won’t be a factor at all.


What is a Water Vacuum Cleaner?

This is an innovative cleaning machine that works somewhat like a steam cleaner and infuses your cleaning experience with water and powerful suction action. Yet these machines also boast intense filtration systems to really decrease “blow back” to minimal levels.

The result of using these machines is that your home will be sparkling clean, allergens like pet dander and dust will be removed, and you or those in your family who suffer from respiratory conditions will not have to suffer from the effects of breathing in kicked-up dust and debris that is floating in the air. Some people will use these as spring cleaning machines, and others will use them regularly with every cleaning session they take on.

These machines may be a little more difficult to find than your traditional vacuums, so often the best place to buy them is online. When you shop online, you can enjoy a wider selection as well as ease in comparison shopping, too. You can find them in canister models and upright models, and many feature a wide range of attachments, long hoses, and long power cords to make cleaning with them a breeze. Generally, you can find a great model for about $100-$200.


Pros and Cons of Water Vacuum Cleaners

If you are one of those people who hates a messy floor but puts off vacuuming for as long as possible because you hate the respiratory trouble vacuuming causes you even more, you may know right away that a water vacuum cleaner is right for you.

This is a machine, after all, that is designed to really take away the unpleasant after-effects of vacuuming, and it also leaves your home free and clear of more allergens than a traditional vacuuming experience would. When it comes to getting a deep, thorough cleaning of your entire home, few machines can stack up to the cleaning power packed into these machines.

Yet these machines are not without their drawbacks. While most machines do suck back up most of the water that they eject, your floors and furnishings are still inevitably left at least a little bit damp.

Sometimes the floors and furnishings will dry in under an hour, but if you fail to use the powerful suction features fully, you may find that your floors and furnishings will remain wet for several hours. This can be truly disruptive to your day, and if you plan to have company over at some point in the day, you will need to plan your cleaning sessions well ahead of their visit. These machines also must be thoroughly cleaned out after each use.

With a dry vac, if you empty the debris canister out after the current cleaning or before the next cleaning, it doesn’t matter. However, with the nasty grime in the dirty water container of your water vacuum cleaner, this is not something that you want to leave sitting around. It will turn into a rancid mess, and it can even become a health hazard if left for too long.

Cleaning out the canister is often more involved than cleaning out a dry vac because it means you have to dump out the grimy water, rinse the canister clean, and then allow it to air dry before you place it back into the vacuum.

While these downsides can be a bit of an inconvenience for users, those with respiratory issues or those who live with people who have respiratory issues certainly see the benefit that they provide. These downsides are minor drawbacks that are far outweighed by the benefit of being able to breathe freely and clearly!

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