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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

An upright vacuum cleaner is almost a “must” for everyone to use in their homes these days. They are versatile for a variety of cleaning jobs, and with models available for every floor type and for every budget, you simply have to find the right model for you and put one to use in your home today!

Popular Upright Vacuum Cleaner Models

Most every home today, including apartments, condos, town homes, estate homes, and more, will have an upright vacuum cleaner in them, as this type of machine is often highly preferred over the canister machines. If you are shopping for a new one for your own home, you will be pleased to find that there is a huge selection of models and brands to choose from. Many of these models have already been thoroughly tested by consumers like you, and here are some of the most popular models with consumers:

  • Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70120. This is a highly rated upright vacuum cleaner model that boasts WindTunnel technology, a 13.5-inch cleaning head, five height adjustments, various attachments, and more. It is a bagless model with a retractable cord for convenience. Consumers love that this rather affordable machine offers superior and consistent suction on a variety of floor surfaces.
  • Shark Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, NV22L. This popular machine boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design and smooth-gliding wheels to give you a fun and enjoyable cleaning experience. It boasts consistent suction, bagless technology, an ergonomic grip handle, and the ability to clean a variety of floor surfaces. It also comes with several attachment tools as well as a five-year limited warranty. Consumers rave about how much suction power this machine has and how powerful the cleaning action is.
  • Bissell Cleanview Helix Upright Bagless, 82H1. When it comes to high-powered cleaning at an affordable price, this Bissell model is among the most popular options available. It boasts 12 amps of cleaning power, adjustable heights for cleaning various floor surfaces, a bagless dirt canister, HEPA air filters, various cleaning tools, and more. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. Consumers love how easy this machine makes it to clean an entire home and the fact that this cleaning power is available in an affordable machine.

Caring for Your Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Using your upright vacuum cleaner is pretty simple. For the most part, you simply have to plug the machine in, turn it on, and start running it across the floor. Using your attachments for cleaning the nooks, crannies, and furnishings inside your home is also pretty easy to do. Most attachments simply require you to snap them into place on the hose, but some do require you to turn the machine over and attach them to the head of the vacuum.

After each use, or otherwise as needed while using your cleaner, you will want to clean out the debris canister. If you have a bagged model, you will need to check your bag periodically and change it out as needed. Air filters will also require regular maintenance. Usage instructions with many models recommend that you remove debris like dust and pet hair from filters with each use, and some filters will need to be replaced with new filters.

From time to time, your upright vacuum cleaner machine may require more significant maintenance. A common maintenance item that is often required is the need to change the belt on the vacuum. This can easily be done with about 10 minutes of your time and a simple screwdriver. Belts, filters, and other common replacement parts can be found online or at stores where such machines are sold, and these parts are typically pretty affordable.

Occasionally, more significant work may be required on your upright vacuum cleaner. If your machine is under warranty, you will want to take it to an authorized repair center to get the work done for free. Even if it is not under warranty, your best bet for completing more significant repair work is often to take the machine to an authorized service professional. However, if you are handy and know your way around a vacuum, you may be able to find maintenance instructions on the Internet along with the replacement parts you need.