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Vacuum Cleaners Best Buy Guide

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I always try to choose cheap but effective vacuum cleaners. I can afford expensive ones but I sure love a good deal, especially with vacuum cleaners. How can you snatch a good deal for the best vacuum cleaner? This is what I’ll explain here.

Sometimes, price is a good measure of quality, but you can still find good buys. I’m thrilled to share a good buy with all my friends and family! You know you got a vacuum cleaners best buy when:

  1. The Price Is Cheaper than Store Price – to get good deals, you need to check out my recommendations. All my suggested products can be found on Amazon and can be bought at discounted price!
  2. It Lasts Long and Does Not Break Down Easily – some vacuums break down within the first 2 weeks of purchase. You’ve got a good deal when it lasts at least 2 years without breaking down/ need fixing.
  3. It Is Versatile – you can work it on hard floors and carpets. It is also equally good for both quick clean-ups and thorough cleaning around the house.


Types of Vacuums and Their Functions

These days, I walk into the electrical store and I see different vacuum models and brands. I enjoy chatting with the salesperson and act like I’ve no experience whatsoever in buying vacuum, just to see what he/she would recommend based on my needs! After doing this a few times, I’ve compiled a list of the types of vacuums and their most suitable functions (a million thanks to the helpful salespersons I’ve met in different stores!)

vacuum cleaners

In general, a vacuum can work on different surfaces (unless specified) and they are built to be portable and user-friendly. I’m awed at the fact that vacuums come in different size, shape, and design to meet specific purposes. To know which one suit you best, here’s a list of vacuum type and function:

  1. Upright Vacuum

Good for carpets but most models today can work on wood floor, tiled floor, and hard surfaces. Overall, they are cheaper than canister vacuums. Since it is upright, you don’t have to bend over much and you can keep a comfortable posture when vacuuming. Most models also come with soft bristles to avoid floor scratches. More advanced models include pet hair removal feature and good filtration system, making it more popular among pet owners. Here’s my review on best upright vacuum cleaner.

  1. Canister Vacuum

Canister models are a popular choice because they are practical. With a wide range of price, you get to choose a model (and brand) that suits you best. They also work on carpet and floor surface, giving a thorough cleaning because of the better suction power. They come in bag or bagless feature and most models have a more compact design these days. Easy to store and lightweight, they are easy to lug around house or office space. Check out a good review site on best canister vacuum cleaner.

  1. Stick Vacuum

Ideal for light-duty cleaning, stick vacuum or Sweeper conveniently replaces the traditional carpet sweeper. They work best on bare floors but can be used for light cleanups on carpet. Storage is easy because it’s designed to be lightweight and compact. It is also not expensive. Read my reviews on the stick vacuum cleaners: Stick vacuum best buy.

  1. Robotic Vacuum

This is ideal for those who have no time to clean or in need of quick house cleaning. This vacuum power on with a button press and helps you save time by roaming the house on its own while picking up dirt and dust. This is an impressive technology that does the cleaning for you while you are busy doing something else. However, they are generally more expensive than the rest. I think that it’s good for long term use. Here’s my recommendation on the best robotic vacuum: Best robot vacuum cleaner.

I have a few other tips (5 Tips How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner and 4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner in Tip Top Condition) that you can read and share with your friends. Overall, choosing the most suitable vacuum is important because you are making an investment here; so do give your money its worth!


Getting the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to buying a stick vacuum cleaner for your own home, there are just so many benefits to having one that you will find this is a machine that you depend on for assistance with cleaning jobs on a regular basis!

As you are shopping around, you will find that your choices of models boils down to just a few different criteria, and those criteria are corded or cordless and bagged or bagless. So which is right for you?

Consider your preferences with your current machine with the bagged or bagless debris canister. Some people find bags to be a pain to change, and it sure can be a hassle trying to keep a few stocked in your home, too. Yet bags largely will keep more of the dust and debris in, which is key for those with breathing issues.

As far as the corded or cordless options are concerned, this is also a matter of preference. Many people love the cordless models of the stick vacuum cleaner because they can be stored on a charging base and are ready to pull out and flip on at a moment’s notice. Yet these options do sometimes run out of juice or offer less powerful cleaning action on bigger cleaning jobs compared to their corded counterparts.


Popular Stick Vacuum Cleaner Models

Trying to find the perfect cleaning machine for your own needs can seem daunting. There are so many options to choose from! The good news is that these machines have been tested by many consumers already, and the consumer marketplace has developed a group of favorites that rank high in results, price, and other primary shopping considerations.

Here are some of the top stick vacuum cleaner models available:

  • Hoover Flair Bagless Upright Stick with Power Nozzle. This is one of the more affordable machines on the market, yet is completely powerful in its cleaning action. It weighs in at 10 pounds, boasts a 1-year warranty, and features a layered filtration system, a power nozzle, a 20-foot cord, and a powerful motor. Consumers say this is one of the top machines available for the price.
  • Hoover Platinum Collection LINX Cordless (Model NH50015). This stick vacuum cleaner is among those at the top of the line when it comes to lightweight machines. It is a cordless machine with an Energy Star-rated, rechargeable, 18-volt Lithium-Ion battery. It works on bare and carpeted floors alike, and boasts Hoover’s popular WindTunnel technology. Plus, it comes with a six-year limited warranty, cleaning bristles, and a battery monitor gauge, too. Consumers rave about this machine’s lightweight yet powerful cleaning abilities.
  • Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6-Volt Cordless Bagless Stick Vac. This machine offers middle-of-the-road pricing compared to other models on the market, and it is a cordless, bagless model. It features an Energy Star, rechargeable battery, a motorized brush that works on all floor surface types, and a foldaway handle for compact storage. Consumers say that it works great on highly trafficked floors such as those in homes with kids and pets.

These machines are priced at an affordable level for most consumers, and they truly do make cleaning far easier and less time-consuming. Spend some time today exploring the many options available to you, and choose the model that is best suited to your needs and your budget.


Caring for Your Stick Vacuum

These lightweight machines are like any other machine of their kind. Yours will need regular maintenance and care if you want to get the longest use out of it and if you want the machine to continue cleaning with strong suction for years to come.

You will want to read the care instructions that come with your machine. However, generally speaking, you will definitely want to clean out the debris canister with each cleaning job you do. If you have a big cleaning job at hand, it may be necessary to empty the debris canister in the midst of a cleaning job. Keep in mind that the bagged varieties of these machines will need to have their bags changed when the bag is full of debris.

Some of these machines have air filters that will need to be removed, rinsed off, and allowed to air dry between uses. Other machines have disposable air filters that will need to be replaced periodically. Plus, a stick vacuum cleaner also has other less frequent maintenance that may need to be done. Many of these jobs can be performed at home by you. For instance, with a screwdriver, a few dollars in parts, and a few minutes of your time, you can change the belt on your vacuum when it needs to be done. Your machine’s care instructions can also guide you on the ease of various maintenance jobs. However, there may be times when your machine will need to be serviced by a professional, too.


Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

An upright vacuum cleaner is almost a “must” for everyone to use in their homes these days. They are versatile for a variety of cleaning jobs, and with models available for every floor type and for every budget, you simply have to find the right model for you and put one to use in your home today!

Popular Upright Vacuum Cleaner Models

Most every home today, including apartments, condos, town homes, estate homes, and more, will have an upright vacuum cleaner in them, as this type of machine is often highly preferred over the canister machines. If you are shopping for a new one for your own home, you will be pleased to find that there is a huge selection of models and brands to choose from. Many of these models have already been thoroughly tested by consumers like you, and here are some of the most popular models with consumers:

  • Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70120. This is a highly rated upright vacuum cleaner model that boasts WindTunnel technology, a 13.5-inch cleaning head, five height adjustments, various attachments, and more. It is a bagless model with a retractable cord for convenience. Consumers love that this rather affordable machine offers superior and consistent suction on a variety of floor surfaces.
  • Shark Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, NV22L. This popular machine boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design and smooth-gliding wheels to give you a fun and enjoyable cleaning experience. It boasts consistent suction, bagless technology, an ergonomic grip handle, and the ability to clean a variety of floor surfaces. It also comes with several attachment tools as well as a five-year limited warranty. Consumers rave about how much suction power this machine has and how powerful the cleaning action is.
  • Bissell Cleanview Helix Upright Bagless, 82H1. When it comes to high-powered cleaning at an affordable price, this Bissell model is among the most popular options available. It boasts 12 amps of cleaning power, adjustable heights for cleaning various floor surfaces, a bagless dirt canister, HEPA air filters, various cleaning tools, and more. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. Consumers love how easy this machine makes it to clean an entire home and the fact that this cleaning power is available in an affordable machine.

Caring for Your Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Using your upright vacuum cleaner is pretty simple. For the most part, you simply have to plug the machine in, turn it on, and start running it across the floor. Using your attachments for cleaning the nooks, crannies, and furnishings inside your home is also pretty easy to do. Most attachments simply require you to snap them into place on the hose, but some do require you to turn the machine over and attach them to the head of the vacuum.

After each use, or otherwise as needed while using your cleaner, you will want to clean out the debris canister. If you have a bagged model, you will need to check your bag periodically and change it out as needed. Air filters will also require regular maintenance. Usage instructions with many models recommend that you remove debris like dust and pet hair from filters with each use, and some filters will need to be replaced with new filters.

From time to time, your upright vacuum cleaner machine may require more significant maintenance. A common maintenance item that is often required is the need to change the belt on the vacuum. This can easily be done with about 10 minutes of your time and a simple screwdriver. Belts, filters, and other common replacement parts can be found online or at stores where such machines are sold, and these parts are typically pretty affordable.

Occasionally, more significant work may be required on your upright vacuum cleaner. If your machine is under warranty, you will want to take it to an authorized repair center to get the work done for free. Even if it is not under warranty, your best bet for completing more significant repair work is often to take the machine to an authorized service professional. However, if you are handy and know your way around a vacuum, you may be able to find maintenance instructions on the Internet along with the replacement parts you need.


5 Tips How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Like all smart shoppers, I’m sure you like to know your products before you buy them. When I first started buying vacuum cleaners, I get confused! There are just too many brands in the market, and each one seems to work just fine (though I don’t understand why the price can vary quite a bit!). I wished someone had shared these tips with me before. That way, I’d save so much time and money in choosing the models.

Some of my readers ask me, “Josh, do I really need a vacuum cleaner?”
Well, I’d say YES- and here is Why you need a vacuum cleaner (and why a broom just won’t work!).

To make your life easier, I’ve made up a list of great tips on how to choose that best vacuum cleaner. I strongly believe those tips can help you when you want to get a new vacuum cleaner.

TIP 1: Choose a Model That Works Well With Carpet And Hard Floor
Most vacuum cleaners today can work on both surfaces, but people still make the mistake of choosing a vacuum that cannot work on both surfaces. What a waste of money! If you have nhard floors (tile or wood), canister works best because it’s more versatile. Or, if you clean a lot of carpet, then go for upright models (they have stronger suction power). I have to tell you that stronger power may mean using up more electric energy.

TIP 2: Your Vacuum Must Have Good Filtration System
I am sensitive to dust and that’s why this is very important for me. But, even if you have high dust-tolerance, you need a good vacuum that works against dust, pollen, allergens. Most vacuums today have a few types of filter (standard, lifetime, S Class, and HEPA). If you or anyone at home has asthma, S Class and HEPA works best because it traps 100% allergen. The more sophisticated the filtration system, the more you need to fork out for the vacuum.

TIP 3: Check Out the Small Details
Have you ever bought something without trying to see how it fits? Well, that’s the last mistake anyone should make. When choosing your vacuum, explore the model. Touch, see, feel, and see whether it’s adjustable (to fit your posture and height). What about the weight? It’ll be difficult to lug around a heavy model. The wheels should let you move it on almost any surface without much difficulty. What about the cord length? Is it convenient for you to reach most parts of the house without need to switch power socket?

TIP 4: If You Can’t Work The Switches, Forget It.
As good as the vacuum may be, it’s quite pointless if you find it difficult to operate. If you need to look for the right buttons and adjust settings every time you use it, then it’s just not worth the time and effort. In short, it must be user-friendly!

TIP 5: Can You Get Replacements and Buy Accessories Easily?
If your vacuum breaks down, can you get it fixed without much problem? Some vacuum parts are so rare you need to wait for ages to get a replacement part. Some people fail to consider this. Similar to car purchase- it’s just too costly and difficult to get spare parts for some cars (not worth the time/money/effort). You need to choose a vacuum that can be easily replaced/ fixed.


Why You Need A Vacuum Cleaner?

Before vacuums became popular, broom was the only thing I had to count on for my chores. Not that it’s bad, but I was secretly wishing that someone would come up with better ways for housekeeping. Maybe someone can design a machine that cleans my floors so well I don’t have to deal with the dust. Anything besides the traditional broom and mop method is an improvement for me.

Why won’t a broom work? Well, read on and see if you agree with me. You will discover the top reasons why to get a vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs.

(1) Cleaning With a Broom Takes Ages

Whenever I want to sweep the floor, I dread using a broom. It takes up much more time because I sweep in such a way to reduce the amount of dust that goes up in the air (hey, I’ll sneeze!). Then, after sweeping comes the mopping part. I take up another hour just to do that. Usually, I can’t spare that much time. With my kids running late for classes (plus I don’t have a helper), I just find it hard to do both. That’s why I need a vacuum cleaner. One that works on both wet and dry surfaces would be great. Otherwise, a machine that gets rid of dust (and allergen) seems good enough for me.

(2) When the Sweeping Stops, the Dust Is Still There

Sweeping alone isn’t enough because the dust that rises up to the air will eventually settle on floor. That’s why I always need to mop right after. Working with a vacuum cleaner cuts down the hassle. I clean more effectively because there is a filter system in the machine that absorbs allergens. I don’t have to worry about collecting settled dust. Isn’t that just great?

(3) You Cannot Clean Your Carpet with a Broom

No one cleans their carpet with a broom- it’s just impossible! A broom can only be used on hard floors and not on carpets. And I know that carpets accumulate dust very quickly. So, if you have carpeting at home, you surely need a vacuum cleaner. Check out my thoughts on 5 tips to choose the best vacuum cleaner.

(4) Everyone Likes a Good Product

Well, there is a simple and clear reason why vacuums are more popular than brooms these days- it’s a great product! It saves time and is easy to use. With a little more money, you get a machine that lets you finish your cleaning chore in half the time. It’s like having a personal helper to do your chores. Getting the vacuum cleaner was one of my best purchases. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the extra time I get to spend with my kids after I finish my chores quickly. And for the first time in my life, I worry less. I know that the vacuum cleaner will do a good job for me.